Friday, February 22, 2008

Frugal Friday--2 Minute Phone Call

A couple weeks ago there was a really good sale on hormel pepperoni. I also had a coupon so I went ahead and bought to packages for our pizza nights. I few days later I was rumaging through the fridge and glanced at the pepperoni. I was surprised/semi-disgusted when I noticed that one of the packages was completely brown & slimy!! I took both packages from the fridge & began to compare them. Bought on the same day. Had the same expiration date. Had been stored the same way. But only one was actually edible.

I would call myself a "convenient complainer" if we're out to dinner and I something's really wrong with my food (hair on my plate--it's happened), I will complain because it's convenient. Everyone's right there & I will get instant compensation. But I've never been one to call, write, or e-mail with a complaint--that was until the slimy, brown pepperoni incident.

Before I called, I purposed to be "gracious & seasoned with salt" (I really have to purpose to do that or else I can get snippy on the phone). When the nice lady answered I simply explained the situation. I had to keep myself from giggling as she gasped and sighed with her "oh no's" "I can't believe it's" & "I'm so sorry's." She informed me to throw them away and she would send a coupon.

About 4 days later I was thrilled to see an envelope from Hormel in my mailbox. I rushed to my desk sat down and opened it & squealed with the compensation I had received--nearly $8 worth of coupons!! One, $4 coupon, 2 $1 coupons, 1 $.50 coupon (which I can double), & 1 $.25 coupon (again doubled).

Definitely a well worth and frugally spent 2 minutes!

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